Nikon Has The Most Powerful Processing Engine

Nikon. Another leader in the camera world that over and over has proven to be one of the best. A breakthrough algorithm developed using deep learning enables the Z9 to automatically detect and track the worlds largest range of subjects-people, dogs, cats, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trains and planes-in stills and video with no menu changes. It keeps up with the smallest, fastest subjects. AF and AE calculations are made at 120 cycles per second with rapid constant communication between the lens and the camera through the Z mount. Even small, erratic subjects like birds in flight are tracked with ease.

Enhanced eye AF automatically tracks the eyes of people, dogs, cats and birds (and even smaller creatures) even when they small in the frame, covered by hair, glasses or goggles, right side up or upside down.

The 3-D tracking + subject detection is a new dimension of AF. The power of Nikon’s acclaimed 3D tracking is now available with deep learning subject detection. Effortlessly lock onto fast-moving subjects and track them towards you, away from you and everywhere in between. Sometimes you need precise control of where your Z 9 should focus. With 20* custom wide-area AF (C1/C2) options, you can define the shape of your focus area. Your custom focus area will even work simultaneously with subject detection and eye-detect AF.

With a groundbreaking new processing engine, the EXPEED 7 is the most powerful Nikon processing engine ever. 10x faster than previous generations. Handles complex AF and AE calculations at 120 cycles per second. Separately processes dual-streamed data from the stacked image sensor. Enables next -generation features like 120 fps still shooting, 8K video recording, a blackout-free viewing experience and more.

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